Wealth Builder Program

Unified Purpose: Wealth Building

It is important for all of us to understand how we can participate in growing our wealth at various stages our lives. At certain times we may be an investor, entrepreneur or manager, or business owner.

Knowing where you fit, helps us become part of a long-term process of working together with a unified purpose of wealth building and growing successful businesses that all those who contribute to can benefit. The key is knowing where you fit in and bringing your best to create a win-win-win scenario of business growth and mutual prosperity. This may sound like a lofty goal, but it is quite simple.

Seeing the Big Picture

Three Stages of Wealth Building

Individual Wealth Builder

Early in our lives when we don’t have much experience managing or running a business, but we can participate by growing our investment capital. Saving and investing with purpose and planning gives us the ability to invest while letting others make managerial and larger business decisions. This is a time to avoid debt and get on the path of prosperity utilizing compound interest strategies which all people with financial success embrace. Here we focus on lending money and investing in businesses.

• Lower costs
• Avoid depreciating assets
• Diversify income streams
• Accumulate personal and business assets
• Hire experts to do important, time consuming tasks while you work in your chosen career
• Financial advisor – independent review of everything financial – investments, savings, insurance, social security, pensions, etc.
• Attorney – review contracts
• CPA – avoid taxes
• Insurance – use high deductibles and term insurance to protect you and your family during certain times of your life cycle.
• Interest – compound interest should work for you
• Debt – only borrow money for necessities – transportation and housing

Entrepreneur Builder

Entrepreneurs have a dream or idea and need others to help them get it off the ground. Entrepreneurs bring their talent and drive to the table ready to manage a business.

• How to develop a business plan
• Taking an Idea and turning it into a business
• Finding investors or funding
        – Crowd funding
        – Venture capital
        – Mainstream Banks

Business Builder

Business owners typically already have been through the first wealth building stages and are ready to transfer their business to the next generation.

• Successful business owners to retiree
       – Golden parachute
       – Life is not all about work, it is about using your success for a great life and accomplishing your long-term goals.
• Business Goals
       – Prepare business for longevity and transition
       – Sell in good times
• Business Succession
       – Pass on business to family
       – Pass on business to partner or employee(s)
       – Value and market business
       – Transition to retirement

It’s your option, it’s your future.

This motto comes from sharing the idea that each of us are wealth builders. You have choices you make in life that will determine how much free time you will have in the future. Your acceptance of this can determine whether or not you have a comfortable financial future. We help everyone become knowledgeable about what choices you make within the Wealth Builder Program to get you wherever you want to be. Most find this process empowering and inclusive. We learn together and help each other along the way.

Midwest Investment and Business Advisors bring Wealth Builders together. We help you determine what stage you are at and show you how you fit into the big picture.