We competitively traded in the pits of the Chicago Board of Trade for decades.

We aren’t franchised salesmen looking to promote an everyday, ho-hum, money-building plan. We’re a team of expert financial advisors focused on building your wealth strategy – from day one.

We’re a down-to-earth firm with an easy-to-understand approach. Our experts unpackage sophisticated investment strategies for individuals and businesses who are seeking high-level wealth building opportunities while mitigating risk.

Providing financial advice for the greater Chicago area, New Lenox, Frankfort, Orland Park, Naperville, Mokena Illinois and nearby towns.

Building wealth early is not an option. You may think you have time, but the truth is, you don’t.

The Wealth Builder Program

Wealth Builder program philosophy.
In the next 10 to 15 years, it is estimated that about $62 trillion will be transferred from baby boomers to the next generation. Because of our foundational wealth builder strategy, we have the unique ability to engage investors and business owners in a mutually beneficial way. We work with business owners to be ready when the time is right to pass the baton to a family member or employee. On the other hand, there are countless successful individuals yielding an entrepreneurial spirit who could profit from investing in or managing an exciting business with a proven, steady cash flow. Bringing the sellers and investors to the table, with the expert team of CPAs and lawyers necessary to make a smart deal from start to finish, is a beneficial outcome of our acclaimed Wealth Builder Program.

Our signature program is based on the simple philosophy that everyone who aspires to be financially secure needs to build wealth early in life. In the first two-thirds of your life, you must save 10 to 25 percent of your income to ensure you are financially sound in the last one-third of your life. Simply put, you must be a Wealth Builder from day one.

Seeing the Big Picture

It is important as a wealth builder to understand where you fit into the big picture. Different stages of life allow you to participate in certain ways as an investor, entrepreneur, or business owner. Knowing where you have the time and talent to be helping others build wealth creates a synergy or driving force with others to achieve your goals.

Our Services

Midwest Invest utilizes a broad array of services to implement the Wealth Building Program.

Investment planning & management
Rebalancing and repositioning of assets as needed

Wealth preservation
Options protection strategy

Tax efficient investing
Tax smart strategies & planning

Financial planning
Cash flow analysis & investment reviews, recommendations

Wealth Builder Program
Expertly bringing business buyers & sellers together

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing
Integrating ESG factors into investment analysis & portfolio construction

Options income strategy
Covered calls or cash-secured puts that mitigate risk

Business succession planning
Strategically pass on business ownership & maximize earnings

Estate planning analysis
Ensuring you the legacy you earned

Successful Wealth Builders seek the guidance of professionals who give them options on a guided path to achieving their goals.

About Our Founder

Donald Zolfo, CFP®Pairing his wealth of knowledge with a knowledge of wealth.

Don Zolfo’s deep insight and instinct for building wealth comes from having almost three decades of experience as one of the sharpest traders on The Chicago Board of Trade. He has 35 years of investing experience and taught derivative and advanced trading to financial experts from across the globe. At the request of family members, friends and associates, he transitioned to helping others make and manage their money. Today he is a sought-after asset manager and financial advisor.

Trusted Fiduciaries
Your investment needs are our priority.

Risk Mitigators
We are creative income generators who offer portfolio protection.

News & Commentary

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