Who We Are

Meet the Team

Company Founder Donald Zolfo, CFP®
Don epitomizes the typical Midwesterner – authentic, truthful, a team player and family man. He’s a Chicago native who is passionate about travel and classic cars. He is a wine master, having honed the skills from his grandfather who immigrated to the U.S. from Italy in 1927 – and he has 100 gallons of really good wine in his basement to prove it. He appreciates his Italian heritage, big family, New Orleans food and any beach anywhere. Mostly, though, he appreciates community. His leadership in his church and on multiple local boards of organizations puts him in the spotlight, but that’s not important to him. “Focusing on other people will take away your worries,” he reassures. Don’s deep insight and instinct for building wealth comes from having almost three decades of experience as one of the sharpest traders on The Chicago Board of Trade. He has 35 years of investing experience and taught derivative and advanced trading to financial experts from across the globe. At the request of family members, friends and associates, he transitioned to helping others make and manage their money. Today he is a sought-after asset manager and financial advisor. Don has a background that has required him to be quick on his feet, sometimes aggressive and always confident in his decision making. He has ethics that make him honest, faithful and hardworking. Those traits led him to build Midwest Investors and Business Advisors, a business that keeps him busy, makes him proud and serves the community he cherishes.

Sowell Management

On a daily basis, Midwest Invest is working hand-in-hand with Little Rock, Arkansas’s Sowell Management. With $4 billion in affiliated assets, Sowell Management is a nationwide industry leader in the Registered Investment Advisor space and, formed in 1995, is a pioneer of fee-based fiduciary services. Behind-the-scenes, Sowell Management provides Midwest with our back-office services, best-in-class technology and support and portfolio management. Because of their diversity and broad strength, Midwest Invest has a solid and trusted partner.

Fidelity Investments

Fidelity Investments is the largest privately-owned investment firm in the US. Being a family-held company allows them to be proactive and responsive, which makes them a perfect fit for the Midwest Invest approach. Partnering with them gives us the flexibility we require to effectively serve clients whose needs may not conform to the restrictions that often go along with the large firm experience. They’ve also earned a reputation for conducting themselves with integrity.