What We Do

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is represented in the name of our firm – Midwest Investment and Business Advisors. For us, our Midwestern roots and values are the foundation of our business. Midwesterners are honest. Trustworthy. Friendly. And we work hard. When we ask a question, we truly want to hear the answer. So, we listen. Our philosophy is simple. Honor those things that Midwesterners are appreciated for and let them be reflected in how we conduct ourselves with our clients – every day.

Our Guiding Principles

They are the backbone of our firm, articulating who we are and how we conduct ourselves with each client and every business decision. Working with Midwest Invest means you can trust our team to act in your best interest by following our guiding principles – every time.

We tell the truth and are trustworthy – We are open, honest and transparent with our clients. With transparency comes trust, which is imperative when making critical financial decisions.

We value teaching – Part of our background includes teaching complex financial disciplines to other professional investors and traders. We carry that forward to our clients, empowering them by helping them understand how their portfolios are structured and why they work. To be a skilled teacher requires listening. We listen carefully to our clients’ needs and meet them where they are.

We offer unparalleled excellence – We’re admitted over-achievers and natural leaders. You might consider us perfectionists, but we feel like it’s striving to achieve excellence. We do every task well – to build your portfolios and ours. We don’t settle for anything less than our best and you won’t either.