What We Do

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Midwest Invest offers a multitude of services that fit into our Wealth Builder Program.
Using our vast industry insight, we use the techniques and strategies that garner optimal outcomes. We actively manage our clients’ portfolios, rebalancing and repositioning assets as needed.
We employ an active approach to wealth preservation while mitigating risk. We take a holistic view of assets and diversification to help mitigate risk, and we have the added bonus of a skill set that allows us to utilize options investing as needed.
One of our primary strengths is tax smart planning and strategy development, which involves choosing the right investments in the right accounts at the right time. Taxes are complicated, but you can feel secure knowing that we understand them and are here to work with your CPA or tax advisor.
We develop and review financial plans that outline important aspects, including cash flow analysis and investment reviews, then provide the recommendations you need to grow wealth. A solid financial plan includes the activities, resources and materials needed to achieve financial goals and objectives in a feasible time frame. (This is one of the only services we offer with a one-time payment option).
ESG criteria are a set of standards for a company's operations that socially conscious investors use to screen potential investments. For our investors with this core value, we integrate ESG factors into investment analysis and portfolio construction
Writing covered calls is perhaps the best options strategy for income while put selling is an options income strategy designed to buy stocks at a lower cost basis. Because it’s our background, we can put complex options income strategies to work in your portfolio to build wealth and mitigate risk.
Passing control of your business to others is complicated. It’s important that it’s done right, and that you start on it early in the game. Part of our Wealth Builder Program is designed as a solution for this very need.
Estate planning isn’t fun, but it’s not something that should be delayed. It can be devasting to your heirs if it’s not done properly, and can cost more than it should. By working with a financial professional who specializes in estate planning analysis, you gain the peace of mind knowing that the legacy you worked hard for stands the test of time.
Fee-based investing means that we earn more when your portfolio performs at its best. We like to say that we do better when you do better. We have a flat, percentage-based fee, so you know the costs of our services up front. We don’t add hidden fees or transaction-based commissions. Honesty and transparency matter, and it’s reflected in the bottom line. In an effort to keep your investing costs down, we also use low-cost Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Our investment strategies are designed to focus on maintaining low-cost investment products. In fact, we reject many products simply because of their cost structure – like annuities and some mutual funds.